Bringing Your Wardrobe On The Go!

Bringing Your Wardrobe On The Go!

Follow number rules for packing. Generally, you can pack the following items and their corresponding quantity for trips lasting less than or approximately for a week: 1 shirt for each day of travel, 1 versatile jacket for multiple purposes, at least 2 bottoms and each is to for last two days, 2 pairs of shoes (one for wearing and the other to be packed), underwear for daily changing and other clothing needs dependent on the location such as a swim suit.

Wash your clothes. Recycle your clothes by washing them if you are on a trip that lasts beyond seven days instead of packing more. You can save money by doing your own washing, otherwise you can engage the services of the hotel laundry.

Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes. Pack a pair that will go well with skirts or pants for occasions where you need to dress more sophisticatedly and bring along another pair of casual shoes for daily walking and trotting.

Bring a versatile jacket or cardigan because they are excellent for protecting yourself from unexpected wet weather conditions and/or extreme cold temperatures, or even when you need to look smart for a special occasion. Preferably choose a lightweight one for ease of packing and carrying.

Colour-coordinate your clothes. Select a few basic colours that are easy to match, and these include black, grey, brown and beige. Clothes in these colours complement each other, so you can gain greater mileage with limited pieces of clothing and accessories.

Create different outlooks first. In addition to colour coordinating your clothes, you ought to mix your clothing pieces and see what are the possible outfits you can get with different combinations. Staples like black pants and skirts go well with just about any top or colour, thus you can pare down on the number of bottoms to bring in order to match different tops. Usually, separates are more versatile than dresses and avoid bringing a piece of clothing that you will wear only once in the entire trip.

Shop where necessary. If you deem that there is a piece of clothing that can perk up your travelling wardrobe, and this particular item allows you to pack lighter; go out and get it!

Choose lightweight, crease-proof clothes. Selecting fabrics that are lightweight makes sense as they will not add excessive bulk to your luggage while crease-proof clothes bring you the convenience of not having to iron your clothes after you are done unpacking at your destination.

Prepare your clothes. If your clothes need to be washed, dry-cleaned or sewn, please do so before packing. If you are packing for your children, make them try on the clothes you want to bring in case they have outgrown their clothes.