Get Sufficient Insurance Protection When You Travel

Get Sufficient Insurance Protection When You Travel

When people buy travel insurance, they often find out that many misconceptions surround the whole process. These false impressions and downright myths can cloud a potential buyer’s decision.

A lot of people who buy travel insurance in Singapore think that their health insurance policies can provide protection and coverage even while they are on vacation.  This is simply not true.  Another misconception is that most travel destination, being such, should have access to good medical and hospital care.

These two fallacies have led most first-time travel insurance buyers to ask: “Should I buy travel insurance?”  The answer to this is simple — Yes, you should buy one.  This is because your health insurance may not give you adequate coverage even when you have a comprehensive plan. Moreover, many travel destinations such as those in developing countries or even in cruises do not have access to proper medical care.

When you buy travel insurance, here are the different types of cover you should have:

  1. Travel curtailment

This is simply getting a refund in the event that you or any immediate family member gets sick or injured and your vacation is cut short due to this incident.

  1. Travel cancellation

This entitles you to a reimbursement if your trip is cancelled due to the bankruptcy of your tour operator or cruise line, or in the event that you get sick or there is a death in the family or any other reason listed in the policy.  This is similar to cancellation waivers that you sign with your cruise line or tour operator, but without too many restrictions.

  1. Baggage or flight delay

This entitles you to a payment if your baggage or flight is delayed after a set time has lapsed.

  1. Personal liability

This provides you with assistance when a legal liability arises from the injury or death of another person due to your negligence.

  1. Information and assistance service

Your travel insurance can also help you in many ways, such as providing information services on visa requirement, weather forecasts, and foreign exchange round-the-clock.  A support staff could also help you get in touch with your country’s embassy, get legal help, acquire the services of an interpreter, and other similar deeds.  In times of a medical emergency, they may also assist you with emergency evacuations and even financial assistance should you be confined in a hospital while on vacation.

  1. Accidental death

This personal accident insurance pays out if the insured dies or becomes disabled as a result of an unexpected and untoward event.

These are the things you should look for when you buy travel insurance. All information mentioned above will help you get a sufficient insurance protection.