Travel Insurance – How Do You Find One in Singapore?

Travel Insurance - How Do You Find One in Singapore

Here is a proverbial question asked by travellers: should I buy travel insurance? The answer is actually a resounding “Yes!”. There are hundreds of people who don’t know how travel insurance in Singapore can be very beneficial, especially when they value their comfort, security, and convenience.

NTUC Income travel insurance, Chartis Travel Guard or ACE Travel Insurance? With so many different types of insurance coverage, which one should you pick? Be properly guided by reading the useful tips below:

  1. Do not immediately go for something cheap

Just because it is the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore does not really mean it is also the best. It can have a lot of limitations, which might not do great service to your needs.

  1. Know how often you travel

If you are a frequent traveler, you could save more money if you look for annual or multi-trip policies.

  1. Make sure it covers high-risk activities

If you are shopping for travel insurance Singapore, you should ensure it can provide for the security you need; particularly if you are engaged in high-risk activities, such as mountain climbing, skiing, and diving. Doing medical or mission trips to disease-prone areas are also considered high-risk.

The insurance policy should cover two things: your equipment, and your safety and health. The cost of this type of coverage can be higher than the others. Nevertheless, it’s going to be worth it since you can count on your travel insurance at the most difficult period of your trip.

  1. Compare the premiums effectively

Whether you are comparing Chartis Travel Guard with RSA travel insurance or NTUC Income travel insurance, there are three things you should use as bases when comparing the travel insurance policies. These include the terms and conditions, benefits, and insurance limits. After all, you are looking not just any kind of coverage — but something that fits your traveling needs.

  1. Do not forget to read the guidelines

Even before you decide to buy the insurance policy; be it NTUC Income travel insurance or some other travel insurance in Singapore, you should have read the terms and conditions. Some of them can be so restrictive you have no idea what you’re going to get out of them. By reading the guidelines, you would also know the possible reasons for the ineligibility of your claim or the instances where your coverage can be used.

  1. Be honest about your illnesses

It is important you disclose your illnesses, surgeries, operations, medications, or anything related to your health. Otherwise, if the company finds out about them from other sources, you may not be able to file a claim.

In general, travel insurance in Singapore may be as much as 7 percent of the total cost of the trip. But you may pay more depending on certain factors, such as health. Older people, who are more prone to health complications, tend to pay more than the young ones. Moreover, the best time to book the insurance policy is around 15 days before your actual trip or when you are booking.