Securing Your Accommodation

Securing Your Accommodation

Other than location and cost, another important consideration regarding accommodation for travelers is whether to make booking in advance or not.

Making An Advance Booking

Why make an advance booking? If you make your accommodation booking in advance, you will two basic benefits;

  • Firstly, you will enjoy the peace of mind that you will have a place to rest and sleep on arriving at your destination.
  • Secondly, you will not have to push you luck to locate a totally strange address for you.

Booking in advance is particularly important, if you are planning to travel to a place which is reputed to be unsafe, a very popular spot for tourists, where a hi-fi event is going to be held or you will be arriving at your destination at late night.

How to make an advance booking?

There are three ways to make an advance booking for accommodation i-e through a travel agent, over the internet, or over the telephone. Language barriers must be kept in mind while opting for the third way.

However, it is also common that travelers book a room and when they arrive their, they are disappointed to find that that room is no longer available. It usually happens when the room which was booked is at the lower end of the cost scale or it is the peak of tourist season.

Disadvantages of making an advance booking

The inconvenience you will face if you will have to change or cancel your reservation according to your changed planes is the main disadvantage of making an advance booking. You should also find out about the cancellation policy before making a reservation. In order to guarantee your booking, a credit card number is required to make a reservation in most of the hotels. If you cancel you reservation less than 24 hours before your arrival, some hotels may charge you for one night or more.

Homing In On Your Arrival

What can be the potential benefits of homing on your arrival?

If you want to enjoy a trip which is truly easy and free, then you should not look for advance booking. When you look for an accommodation after your arrival, you will be able to enjoy amore flexible schedule for your travel. You will be able to prolong or shorten the period of your stay depending upon how much you like the place.

What to do if you don’t make an advance booking?

If you opt for this then you must have a lot of courage, willpower and luck.

In this case, life can be made easier by using guidebooks, mobile phone, GPS gadget and/or the services of tourist information providers. As an alternate, you can walk around and get information from the first few places which you think are suitable.