Singapore Travel Insurance Online

Singapore Travel Insurance Online

When it comes to travel insurance, Singapore providers are not far behind.  In fact, insurance is a rapidly growing industry in the country, with premiums topping SGD1.71 billion in 2005.  This goes to show the importance of travel insurance, and that is why you are in good hands when you buy travel insurance in Singapore.

This is a good thing, too, as travelling is filled with many unexpected things.  As a voyager, you should have a peace of mind when travelling. This is where travel insurance comes in handy. This way, even if you lose your baggages somewhere along the way or get injured while trekking rigid mountains, you are sure that you will have sufficient cover.

Moreover, you can easily get travel insurance online.  Singapore insurance companies have reliable online systems that can easily and securely process your orders. It can even help you find the exact amount of coverage you need.

Why you need to buy travel insurance?

There are a lot of things you can do with travel insurance.  Singapore visitors and residents should know what they cover. Some of it includes the following:

Before your trip:

  • Travel insurance can help you get refunds for cancelled airplane tickets. This is very important in case you called off a vacation because of a personal emergency. Everyone knows that most airline companies don’t issue ticket refunds. In fact, a quarter of travel insurance claims are made against travel cancellation.  Travel insurance can also reimburse you for a cancelled hotel booking, room reservation, and any other arrangements you’ve made.
  • Travel insurance can cover all costs regarding flight date changes and other associated costs for changing accommodations and tours.

During your trip:

  • Travel insurance protects you from missing luggages and can even provide you with money to buy emergency provisions should your baggage does not arrive for more than 24 hours.
  • It also helps you with personal liability.  If you’re required by law to pay someone for personal harm or damage to property, travel insurance can help cover the costs.
  • In the event of flight delays or cancellations, travel insurance can cover the costs of making new arrangements for your trip.  You can even get a free overnight hotel accommodation if you need one.

With all the convenience, assistance, practicality, and peace of mind that you could get from having travel insurance, Singapore visitors and residents would do well to just get them.  If you cannot afford travel insurance, then you might as well rethink your entire travel plans.